Pearson Park

4 2This morning my mummy took me to Pearson Park, mummy told me that Amber and Carl had their picture taken with the wooden horse, over the years it’s been a zebra, not sure what it is now.

The sun was out and the trees look lovely, I loved running through the leaves.  Now back at the shop, keeping an eye out for my dad’s sausage rolls !

Back From My Holidays

Hi everyone
I am back from my holidays at Vic & Wendy (Petstay), what a great time I had, I was treated like royalty, given treats, chauffeured around, sleeping on their bed, had a great time.
At the new shop now and looking forward to seeing visitors and an odd gravy bone would be greatfully received,.
Some of you are talking about xmas, whatever that is, I think it’s when I have to wear a red scarf and a bell.
bye for now Lilylily

Where’s my new bed ?

Lily dogI have been some what confused lately, my owners have been boxing things up from the old shop, having late nights – way past my bedtime !, painting another shop the same aqua colour, then unboxing things, not sure where I am to go, but at least there’s plenty of space for me and for my visitors. 

They tell me that the shop is at 53 Prince’s Ave, so if you fancy dropping a gravy bone or two in then just call in, maybe they will make a cuppa !  Lily dog

Lily Dog is back !

001Hi everyone,

I haven’t been in touch much recently been a bit out of sorts, I no longer have my cat family around Mrs Ickle  Pickle & Mr Peppy, which makes me sad !

At the shop I think something is going on, shop 2 is getting emptied,  mummy and daddy are talking about moving to another shop though.

Mummy has just taken me for a run around Costello, so I am now going for a nap.

Love LilyDog

Cat amoungst the pigeons

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen me and Daddy got home yesterday there was a massive dead bird in the kitchen with blood and loads of feathers….

I am not sure what had happened but I had a sniff of the bird and Mr Peppy seemed pleased with himslf for some reason.

Dad took the bird outside and cleaned the feathers with the noisy, sucking machine so I went on Mummy’s bed until it was quiet again.

What’s for tea Daddy?

LilyDog at ‘The Olde Black Boy’

007This afternoon I was walked around Humbers Street, first a quick stop off at the market at Fruit, then on to one of my favourite places ‘ The Olde Black Boy’.  There I tasted a very nice’Hunters Pie’.   Back at home now in front of the woodburner.  Hope that I don’t dream of big dogs tonight !

Could be busy tomorrow, daddy may take me to the basket man, who makes wicker baskets for our bicycles at East Coast Bicycles.