A day off from East Coast Bicycles

 Mummy had a day off work, I enjoyed watching mummy painting the house, I just sat in the garden, sunbathing. It started to go cold and mummy said we could go for a imagelong walk, she mentioned watching the sun go down. We walked around Hessle, mummy said we might see daddy and the Tuesday knight Fixie Ride, got home, feeling tired now

Too windy for cycling

Mama said it was too windy for her to go cycling, so when I saw her get her boots on, I was uber excited. We walked up to the fields near Jenny Brough Lane, the horses were excited too, running around, must have been the wind.  I out saw 2 other little dogs, whom were very tapped, also happy to be out

On finding a woodland I discovered rabbit holes, I was slightly miffed when mama said “don’t end up stuck down a rabbit hole”

After wandering around I saw a muddy track and off I went, mama was not too keen on this, eventually the walk ended near Hessle and with a downpour of hailstones we headed for home.image