Cold Today


It’s pretty chilly today so I thought I’d wear my new tweed coat. Katie hasn’t seen me in it yet so I thought I’d show her how cute I look. I could be a super model looking like this.

Dads just taking me for a walk to the bank, it’s nice and sunny now but still really cold so glad I’m wrapped up.

Hope everyone is having a good day.

Speak soon x

Pearson Park

This morning I went with mummy to look at the ‘Love Zebra’ well I thought Zebra’s are black & white, mummy said it used to be and before that I was a horse.  I was a bit confused !

Then I chased some ducks but the geese come towards me, I was a bit scared and mummy said’ it was time to go’.

Back to the shop and happy to be back in my bed !

Walk in the park

Today mummy took the van and me and Daddy had to walk to the shop. In the park I met 3 little dogs. 1 dog was a bit growly and being sniffed by 3 dogs was a bit scary. I liked the little dogs though.

We walked all the way to the shop and my little legs were a bit tired by the time we got there and my underbelly was a bit wet. I soon got in my bed and had a snooze :)