Whatever day it is…

I don’t know what day it is. I often don’t, but I do know that I am tired. I am tired as last night mummy and daddy went out and left me and Pickle at home. When they got back there was a MASSIVE cat in the house. They must have brought him in. I can tell he is a boy cat for sure!

Anyway, we had quite a restless night as ‘Johnny’ the MASSIVE cat was a bit yowly and trying to get out of the house and mummy had to go in the front room for most of the night to look after him. I just slept on the big bed with daddy.

This morning they stuffed him in the box again and he is going somewhere else now. They mentioned ‘vets’ and ‘balls’ quite a lot….whatever that means!

I am at the shop now in my little bed under the bike stand dreaming of more sunny days. Brrr, it is just too cold to do anything and daddy must be mad going out on bike this evening. I am going back home to sit in front of the wood burner.

HARD girls….

Some girls came into the shop today and were having their photos taken. I heard something about HARD girls but they were really nice and lifted me on to the counter for some photos too.  Cant wait to see the calendar when it comes out as they took loads of photos on our bikes.

Tiny Aubrey Came To See Me

I’m at the shop today, just chilling in my little bed. Was so happy to get a visit from Aubrey, the tiny little puppy. He was so much smaller than me, was I really that small?

His Mummy Nicola was carrying him in her basket on her bicycle, I wonder if I’d be able to fit in a basket, I think I’m a bit too big….

I love it when friends come to visit, makes my day!

Lilly x

Something going on…….

Well I am not sure….but I think something is going on this afternoon. Mummy and Daddy have been talking a lot about ‘tweed’ and ‘Dappers and Belles’ and such…….and Amber is home from Huddersfield with a posh red dress. I suspect I will be excluded as I cant get on with bicycles. Oh well I can roll about in my bed this afternoon and there might be the odd rubbish bin in the house to raid……yum!