On Holiday


I’m on holiday this week with Mummy and Daddy. Having a lovely break away, bit of a shame it keeps raining, I keep getting absolutely soaked to the bone.

It’s a lot nicer today though, the rain has stayed away and the sun is actually out!

We’re in Whitby today and we just had a stop off in a cosy little pub, was lovely, off for a walk on the beach now.

Catch ya later x

Teddy visiting East Coast Bicycles

Busy day today, first mummy took me to Pearson Park, onto the shop to see what was happening. Had a little sleep, then went on another walk.

Teddy came along to see his Auntie Katie, he tried a vintage trike and a Radio Flyer – Roadster.  He was choosing his Xmas I think.  Teddy kept looking for me and I kept going back to my bed.

Visitors to the East Coast Bicycles shop

What a busy start to the day, everyone has been busy in the shop, selling bicycles, panniers, plus putting bicycles together.  The lovely Creme’s have arrived today.

I heard a noise, went out to look and there was a terrier puppy, very yappy, then another dog, what is going on, hope they are not staying.  It’s going to be too hot for me today so I just need peace and quiet to sleep.

Hopefully mummy will take me to the cool cemetary later.

Sunshine and Daisy Chains

Well this afternoon was lovely.

Katie took me for a stroll in the cemetery, the sun was shining and it was beautiful. I had a roll in the grass and Katie made me a cute daisy chain necklace, I loved it but it kept braking because I’m a bit clumsy. She kept trying to fix it but just wouldn’t stay around my neck.

Just waiting for Mummy to pick me up from the shop to take me home. Daddy’s doing his bicycle polo tonight, he loves it! Looks so much fun.

See you soon

Lilly x

Daisy Chain


Nut Wood – Raywell

So far had a great day, mummy took me to Nut Wood, Raywell, I love it there, ran for ages, also found a dead mole, tried to roll on it, but mummy stopped me.

It was great, no-one around.

Going to the EAST COAST BICYCLES shop soon, see daddy, Kol, hopefully Katie will be there, I like it in the girls shop.

Heard something is happening tomorrow, better find out what !

A box of Biscuits

Tonight mummy and dady left me, the bikes came out and off they went. Mummy had taken me on a walk for 1.5 hrs, I think she thought that I was tired.

I had a good look around the home, in a few bins, but I managed to get into the wicker basket were my things are kept, lucky for me I found a tub of dog biscuits.

When mummy and daddy came in they couldn’t believe it, well me I was stupid enough not to put the empty container back.  Next time I’ll be more careful.

They were talking and mentioned that I couldn’t have anything to eat tomorrow. How will I manage?

Oh and also they were talking about tomorrow being a special day !