Oh I am nude !

Had an easy day today at East Coast Bicycles, after a night of scratching and keeping mummy and daddy awake all night, I slept most of the day.

Mummy came at 6pm for me and we had a walk around Costello park, I did lots of rolling in the grass.  We got home home and mummy was running a bath.

What a surprise mummy picked me up and put me in the bath tub ‘ heck’ I was naked with no collar.

Thankfully mummy put the woodburner on again and I could get dried.

Sadly though I have heard mummy and daddy talking about the vets, hope I am not going there !


A visit from A VW Sportsline

After my breakfast I had to stay at home whilst they went off, for some reason they needed driving licences.

Daddy came back for me, mummy was going off somewhere with her bicycle, doesn’t she know it’s going to rain.

Turns out they were test driving a VW sportline, I wasn’t allowed to go in though.

When we returned the van both ladies came to see me and said I was cute, one even said I could go inside next time and i told them about my blog !


Excitement – They’ve been shopping.

Lazy start today, then spent time sniffing around the garden whilst they tidied up.  Had a good run to the park, I like chasing the squirrels.

I heard mummy mention something about going to see some blue cats. whatever that is.

When they came back I went mental they’d brought shopping back, I was dancing around like crazy, mummy thought it was my box of biscuits I was excited over, but I’d spotted daddy’s pork pies.  I am good to act all cute and I may get some.

Daddy’s put the woodburner on so I am off to warm my belly !

The Sunday Girls

I was quite surprised this morning, mummy didn’t get her bike out, we walked to Costello Stadium, when we got there, The Sunday Girls Road Club was meeting.  I was confused why wasn’t mummy going with them, I started to panic ‘ what will happen to me’

I was relived when mummy said we were seeing the girls off on their ride.  What mummy didn’t tell me was that we were walking to the shop.

I was quite tired when I got there and mummy had a dog treat for me.  I am still very tired, heard them talking about tomorrow. ‘Whats happening’ I want to know.

Islay Came To Visit

Check out Islay who came to see me today! Soooo cool! Islay can do tricks & stuff. Shame I can’t do tricks but I get to chill at my cool bicycle shop all day, so I don’t mind.

Check the video on our facebook page of Islay doing tricks. Made me very happy!

Secret Park

This afternoon Amber and mummy went to see grandma christine & grandad ken.  I had a chew whilst they were having a cuppa. They were talking about a park.  Are we going?

We pulled up the van and I saw a vast field, i was very excited, Amber had to hold me back,  I was free off the lead and I ran and ran, but near the woods I had to go back on my lead.

I could smell lots of things and Amber was having trouble keeping up. Now at home i am very tired but did try to get some of Pickle’s food.

Rosie The Riveteer

I was very excited this morning I went with mummy to town to collect a parcel that has come all the way from Portland, USA.

I barked in the van while mummy went inside the Post Office. When we got back to the shop, I was eager to inspect the parcel.

Mummy said the jerseys are for her new ladies road cycling club, not sure what I think about that, more time left alone when I could be out in the countryside !

I thought the jerseys would be quite comfy in my shop bed, but mummy said no !