I don’t like horses

annie and Liliy fileyOn Sunday we had a bit of a lye in as Daddy did not go to the shop! We went in the van all the way to Filey. I know it was Filey as I have been there before and it smelt like Filey. I was very excited and pulled on my lead all the way to the beach. We went a different way to usual and the beach was very long and there were loads of dogs and even some horses.

We walked for miles and miles along the beach and even went in the sea…..only a bit though. When we turned to come back we explored a rampy road thing that went from the sand up to some roads and then we explored some steps down a muddy bank and across a stream. I went ahead but got called back as the track disappeared into mud and trees. I could easily have got through but mummy might have slipped.

We went back over the stream and up the muddy steps back to the road/ramp thing but dad called mum to ‘grab the dog and don’t move any further’! With that two horses with no riders bolted past us where we waited off the road. Seconds earlier and I could have been trampled and killed to death!

When we went back to the beach we saw a man in riding gear on his phone and people pointing to where we had just been. He smelled of horses.

We also saw a group of people and a girl being helped with a bleeding nose. They smelled of horses too.

When we got off the beach daddy bought some fish and chips and we went in a garden in the sun to eat them even though mummy said ‘no dogs allowed’ and pointed to a sign. There was a cat in there so it was ok I think.

I snoozed in the van on the way home and thought of horses and decided that I preferred bicycles. Far less dangerous and not quite as smelly……

Lily Dog




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