We had to be at shop a bit earlier this morning. Daddy put me in the big Gazelle bike and we cycled to shop. It was quite chilly but I had my Christmas jumper on.

There was a lady and a man waiting for us when we arrived at the shop. They were doing something called ‘filming’. I just let them get on with it and went in my bed. I spilt my water and Daddy had to clear it up. I was trying to get to my nibbles…….

They did some filming and talking and then called me into the workshop were Daddy was building a Christmas bike. They filmed Daddy and then pointed the camera thing at me. I got some ham and trotted about the workshop a bit. That seemed to do the trick.

Anyway, back to bed as its the warmest place to be…….


Where have I been ?

Now the season is changing, I now have the time to catch up with my blog.  I had a very exciting summer my daddy brought a Gazelle Cabby Bike and now I have the confidence to get in it (aided with a few pepperami’s), we have been all over the place.

You may have seen me out and about, after a bad start at Bridlington daddy decided we could cycle on promenades, so we cycled from Chapel St Leonards to Gibrator Point, then from Sutton on Sea to Marblethorpe.

My last adventure was travelling the Hull Marathon route, shouting at mummy who was running part of it, I had a good day.  Daddy said it was like a scene from Run Fat Boy Run , instead it was Run Fat Girl Run…….., there was talk of spatulas and fish slices.

So if you see me out in the Cabby bike please make room for us, me and daddy are very precious to mummy.  Bye for now and will try to blog weekly now.

Love Lilydog21766705_10211975479676657_8425962810796331075_n

Morning walk


This morning I was taken in the ECB and we parked up and went over a curly bridge and on to the foreshore. I liked walking on the stones and had a quick drink of the brown river but it didn’t taste too good. Daddy took some photos on his phone and I had a sniff with another big dog then we went across a filed and over another bridge. One cheeky dog followed me. Really close for ages and Daddy had to shoo him away. It was a ‘him’, I could tell. When we got back to the van and were just about to set off a woman waved and the him dog was still following us! Daddy sped off in the ECB van really fast and then the dog didn’t follow us anymore.


A day off from East Coast Bicycles

 Mummy had a day off work, I enjoyed watching mummy painting the house, I just sat in the garden, sunbathing. It started to go cold and mummy said we could go for a imagelong walk, she mentioned watching the sun go down. We walked around Hessle, mummy said we might see daddy and the Tuesday knight Fixie Ride, got home, feeling tired now

Too windy for cycling

Mama said it was too windy for her to go cycling, so when I saw her get her boots on, I was uber excited. We walked up to the fields near Jenny Brough Lane, the horses were excited too, running around, must have been the wind.  I out saw 2 other little dogs, whom were very tapped, also happy to be out

On finding a woodland I discovered rabbit holes, I was slightly miffed when mama said “don’t end up stuck down a rabbit hole”

After wandering around I saw a muddy track and off I went, mama was not too keen on this, eventually the walk ended near Hessle and with a downpour of hailstones we headed for home.image

I don’t like horses


annie and Liliy fileyOn Sunday we had a bit of a lye in as Daddy did not go to the shop! We went in the van all the way to Filey. I know it was Filey as I have been there before and it smelt like Filey. I was very excited and pulled on my lead all the way to the beach. We went a different way to usual and the beach was very long and there were loads of dogs and even some horses.

We walked for miles and miles along the beach and even went in the sea…..only a bit though. When we turned to come back we explored a rampy road thing that went from the sand up to some roads and then we explored some steps down a muddy bank and across a stream. I went ahead but got called back as the track disappeared into mud and trees. I could easily have got through but mummy might have slipped.

We went back over the stream and up the muddy steps back to the road/ramp thing but dad called mum to ‘grab the dog and don’t move any further’! With that two horses with no riders bolted past us where we waited off the road. Seconds earlier and I could have been trampled and killed to death!

When we went back to the beach we saw a man in riding gear on his phone and people pointing to where we had just been. He smelled of horses.

We also saw a group of people and a girl being helped with a bleeding nose. They smelled of horses too.

When we got off the beach daddy bought some fish and chips and we went in a garden in the sun to eat them even though mummy said ‘no dogs allowed’ and pointed to a sign. There was a cat in there so it was ok I think.

I snoozed in the van on the way home and thought of horses and decided that I preferred bicycles. Far less dangerous and not quite as smelly……

Lily Dog




My travels

DSCF2173This week has been very exciting for me, on Monday daddy took me to see John, the basket man.  After collecting the bicycle baskets we went to look at where the willow is grown and cut.  I was hoping that there might be some small animals hiding in the wood piles, but I couldn’t find anything.

My mornings are very interesting I get to walk around a different park or area every day, so far I have been to West Park to look at the goats, Hessle Road  (Fishfinger Alley) and East Park.  My walk today was rather boring just to the Post Office.  Mummy put her bike in the van, so I guess I am going to have a boring afternoon in my bed.

If anyone wants to bring me a gravy bone, I would be very happy.

Love Lilydog

yet again in trouble !


Photo0035On the way home yesterday morning, after a 7 mile walk,  I managed to escape for 20 mins. Mummy went crazy I could hear her shouting like a lunatic, didn’t she know I was just rabbiting, she finally found me after I was exhausted and tired out, I then had to walk back home in disgrace.

At home I was a bit naughty charging around the house, mummy was quite terse with me.  In the end mummy took me for another walk around the Marina.  The tidal barrier was down, which was of interest to mummy.  Afterwards we went to the Olde Black Boy, we were most surprised when a birthday party turned up, all wearing novelty spectacles !

So today I have to be good, but guess what ?  Amber came home at 2.30am, what a surprise, so after this morning’s walk I will be able to jump on her bed !

As for daddy he has a busy day today at East Coast Bicycles and playing Bicycle Polo this afternoon. Think mummy mentioned making a apple cake, look forward to that.

Crabby Dog

I am crabby today. I don’t know why but I am. I just want to curl up in my bed and snooze and even scratching and licking is a chore. I even made a child in the shop who came too close to me cry because I barked and snapped……just did! Tomorrow might be different but today I am crabby. DSCF2038