LilyDog at ‘The Olde Black Boy’

007This afternoon I was walked around Humbers Street, first a quick stop off at the market at Fruit, then on to one of my favourite places ‘ The Olde Black Boy’.  There I tasted a very nice’Hunters Pie’.   Back at home now in front of the woodburner.  Hope that I don’t dream of big dogs tonight !

Could be busy tomorrow, daddy may take me to the basket man, who makes wicker baskets for our bicycles at East Coast Bicycles.

Hot Dog

Spent most of today trying to keep warm, it’s so cold.

This morning we took the van for it’s MOT, and had a walk in the snow from Hessle to the shop. I’ve got my coat on so that keep’s me a bit warm.

I love laying in front of heaters, and when Katie wraps me up in a blanket, I feel all snugly and warm.

Katie gave me a taste of her Olive Tree sandwich too which was amazing!

Hope the snow holds back for our walk home.Hot Dog

That is all for now.

Lilly xxx

I Love the Snow

lily dog 2I have been having a great time out in the snow..  Last night walked with daddy to meet mummy walking from the library, I was bounding away.  This morning I walked with mummy to the library, I was very excited charging around the car park.  Daddy fetched me and we went in the van to the East Coast Bicycles shop.  Later on Katie came in, she looked after me, I ended up in my bed wrapped up in my coat and blanket.  Lovely and cosy !