Visitors to the East Coast Bicycles shop

What a busy start to the day, everyone has been busy in the shop, selling bicycles, panniers, plus putting bicycles together.  The lovely Creme’s have arrived today.

I heard a noise, went out to look and there was a terrier puppy, very yappy, then another dog, what is going on, hope they are not staying.  It’s going to be too hot for me today so I just need peace and quiet to sleep.

Hopefully mummy will take me to the cool cemetary later.

Islay Came To Visit

Check out Islay who came to see me today! Soooo cool! Islay can do tricks & stuff. Shame I can’t do tricks but I get to chill at my cool bicycle shop all day, so I don’t mind.

Check the video on our facebook page of Islay doing tricks. Made me very happy!