A visit from A VW Sportsline

After my breakfast I had to stay at home whilst they went off, for some reason they needed driving licences.

Daddy came back for me, mummy was going off somewhere with her bicycle, doesn’t she know it’s going to rain.

Turns out they were test driving a VW sportline, I wasn’t allowed to go in though.

When we returned the van both ladies came to see me and said I was cute, one even said I could go inside next time and i told them about my blog !


Another sunny day….

Well, I was dragged from Ambers cosy bed this morning and then we went in the van to the post office and then we went to the shop. Shop 1 is a bit hot and whilst dad was setting the bikes up I sneaked into shop 2 bed. I hope Katie is coming today. Saw ‘Noodle’ (Hairy Mike’s dog) and had a sniff. Noodle barked at a black and white dog and always does with black and white dogs. Anyway, now going to have a nap.

Going to see my friend Bob

Had a great walk tonight with my friend Bob (jack russell) at Cottingham Parks, I got very excited, I ran off straight away, my mummy and Caron were shouting.  I had to go back on my lead, not fair ! Bob was allowed to run free.  I could smell the rabbits, the hedgehog was very smelly, really wanted to play with it but again my mummy stopped me.

On the way home I saw my daddy, why was he cycling in the rain with lots of other boys. I am going home for my tea, can’t wait to see Inckle Pickle.

My First Blog

Hi everyone. This is my first ever blog. Keep checking it out as I will be posting all the news from East Coast Bicycles plus a few things that only dogs notice. It may take me a while to post things because I only have paws but I will try my best.

Lily X