Going to see my friend Bob

Had a great walk tonight with my friend Bob (jack russell) at Cottingham Parks, I got very excited, I ran off straight away, my mummy and Caron were shouting.  I had to go back on my lead, not fair ! Bob was allowed to run free.  I could smell the rabbits, the hedgehog was very smelly, really wanted to play with it but again my mummy stopped me.

On the way home I saw my daddy, why was he cycling in the rain with lots of other boys. I am going home for my tea, can’t wait to see Inckle Pickle.

Today Big Boxes Arrived

Holy moly what a busy day I’ve had. Some huge boxes arrived at the shop, you should have seen it! There wasn’t even enough space for little me to walk around, I had to keep out the way in the corner. I had a sneaky peak when the boxes were opened and I was chuffed to see the new order of Selle Monte Grappa panniers had turned up. The black ones are very cool. If only I could ride a bike I’d deffo have some of those on the back.

Oh yeah and more of those Bobbin Helmets got delivered too. I wish they came in a size to fit me, I bet I’d look well good in a silver one…what do ya reckon?

Off home soon, can’t wait for me tea. Been dreaming about those biscuits Annie gives me all day mmmmmm they are so good!

Lily x

Selle Monte Grappa Panniers I was talking about.


Today is our ‘day off’ from East Coast Bicycles but I have heard them talking about “Nick walking to the shop with Lily”…..What!?

I think Nick has some more Bobbin bikes to order and a BLB order to do, parcels to post and loads of other stuff to do in the shop. I think we are going to see the basket man this afternoon though and I can get a walk on the bank of the River Wharfe. Just hope their are no bullocks this time…..bit scared of them :(

My First Blog

Hi everyone. This is my first ever blog. Keep checking it out as I will be posting all the news from East Coast Bicycles plus a few things that only dogs notice. It may take me a while to post things because I only have paws but I will try my best.

Lily X